Saturday, 28 April 2012


Hello, everyone!

Yes, we're back! After uninstalling and re-installing, not updating to the latest patch and thousands upon thousands of nasty words cast in the direction of Sims 3, we have managed to get the game to work! Which means, loyal readers, that our legacy is back up and running!

So wipe your eyes now, for Rosie Howling is quite happy to continue with her rather unfortunate love life and possible death--did I er, just say that? I mean no, definitely not death, she's quite happy, thank you very much. As I said before ...

Anway, yes, we're back, and those strange things called updates shall be on their way soon. Just don't get to scared when they arrive, because they don't like being called aliens or UFOs. It may hurt their feelings and it's quite possible that Rosie will die.

So hello again!

Golden Wings + Australorp

We also have some wonderful bloopers to show you:

This is us planning our first chapter: **WARNING: This may cause you to question our sanity and/or brain capacity. Please read with care.**
P.S. Mild Spoiler Alert (please note very, very mild)

Australorp: fifteen minutes later, I found myself standing at the edge of the lake with Jeremy by my side.
Golden Wings: We looked over the glimmering surface of the lake in silence
"Rosie – babe –"I know we haven't been together a long time
So here's my number call me maybe
Australorp: O.o
if you say so


Golden Wings said...

It's always good to know I'm crazier than I thought.

Australorp said...

Haha Lol.