Welcome to our links page! This is where we will post links for uploaded Sims from this legacy and links to great Simming stories we have read. Here are just some:

 ~ Studio Links

~ Direct Download Links
Rosie Howling
Jake Zachary
(List to be updated)

~ Great Reads!
Beauty Queen Extreme: A 100 Baby Challenge by jessieandrex
Tough Love: A Romantic Legacy by WriterGurl97

Oh My Simulated Friends: A 100BC + 50FC by Stace89

Too Much Color, Too Little Time: A Rainbowcy by Skip45

The Stone Family Legacy by alianarea

Dahlia's 100 Baby Challenge by Cosmaline

Outta the Wood Work: A 100 Baby Challenge by Lynnwood

Until Death Do Us Part by Yimiki

The Rainbow Connection by WriterGurl97

~ Miscellaneous Links
abc3's Page
Red Heads: The 100 Project by Australorp (Forum Thread)
Red Heads ~ Howling Destinies by Australorp & abc3 (Forum Thread)

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