Hi! I'm Australorp, and I'm writing a Sims 3 Legacy Challenge called Red Heads ~ Howling Destinies with my awesome friend Golden Wings. On the Sims 3 Forums, we are known as Australorp and abc3.

The downloads to the starring sims of this legacy can be found here and here. If you're a CC free Simmer, we highly reccomend that you do not download the creations. All CC used is completely safe and should transfer with the download. Enjoy our creations!

We also very much enjoy your comments and feedback, and we'll try our best to answer any queries in our FAQs page.

The founder of this Legacy is Rosie Howling. Her dream is to have a big family, but other, complicated events in life have ruined her plans ...

We hope you'll stay tuned to read about Rosie's story! We hope you enjoy it, too!

Happy Simming!


Hannie said...

"Can't. Stop. Reading.- oh darn!! LOL I love the story!!! *APLAUSE* And now I have to prove I'm not a robot.... ROFL. LOVE the story!!!

Australorp said...

:D Readers! A cause for celebration!

Hannie said...

Hehheh! Let me know when another chapter is out!!!!!